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Re: [RC] Jordan's First 50 - Peter Harper

From: "Patricia Israelson" <mspattykirk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [RC]   Jordan's First 50

OK Ride Camp........it's official

Jordan Israelson and PA Artaxerxes (Artie) completed
their first 50 
mile =
Endurance ride yesterday at the Road Warrior ride in
Canton, TX.  
Now they are officially Endurance Riders.  They
finished in 27th place 
with 34 starters.  Jordan was riding down the road
with both hands up 
in =
the air, and Artie was "tap dancin" all the way.  

Mimi (Grandma) is claiming "bragging rights"!!

Patty Israelson (aka Mimi)

Congratulations Patty!  You have a right to be proud
of your granddaughter Jordan.  She did a terrific job
and it was a pleasure to see her through the last 9
miles of the ride.  It seems a little ironic that we
rode together for her first 25LD three short years ago
and I would be there to help her finish her first 50.

As Paul Harvey used to say "Now for the rest of the

Jordan kept me entrained with non-stop chatter and
jokes.  "What do you call a chicken that crosses the
road, rolls in mud, and then crosses the road
again..... A dirty double crosser!" It was getting
dark and I wanted to get the ride over with while we
still had some light.  Jordan's feet were getting
tired so she could not post for long so we did a lot
walking.  Then she needed to go pee..... "Can't we go
knock on one of these peoples doors and see if they
will let me use their bathroom?"  "No honey, your
gonna have to find a bush by the side of the road." 
She wasn't pleased with my suggestion so we pressed
on.  Finally we caught up to two woman riders who
volunteered for potty duty.  I rode ahead and let
Ladyhawk graze while the girls took care of business. 
After a bit Jordan comes trotting back saying "I can't
believe it! She had me pee right in the middle of the
road!"  We only had two more miles to go and trotted
the rest of the way back to camp in full darkness.  We
crossed the finish line with a big war whoop.  Jordan
was now officially an Endurance Rider, she had peed in
the wilderness and finished her first 50 in style!

I hope to see you two on the trails again soon.

Pete Harper

PS Don't tell Jordan I told her ride story, she will
never foregive me. ;-)

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