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Re: [RC] long-beds V. short-beds and goosenecks - Joe Long

Sisu West Ranch wrote:
A properly installed gooseneck hitch is right over the rear axle. This can cause some problems with a short bed. On sharp turns the front of the trailer can hit the cab (bummer). There are 3 ways to handle this that I know of.
1. Don't turn sharp.
2. Purchase a trailer with a sharp nose.
3. Purchase a hitch that moves back to compensate during sharp low speed turns.

Prior to buying our short-bed truck to haul a gooseneck trailer, I researched this problem pretty thoroughly. I found it is only a "problem" for the wide square-nosed camper trailers.

Not only are many LQ horse trailers are not only not quite as wide as the big campers in the first place, most of them have some taper to the nose. It doesn't take much taper to allow full clearance on even the sharpest turns.

A bigger risk with 4x4 trucks is the gooseneck hitting the tailgate or the sides of the truck bed when going over uneven ground such as railroad grade crossings, or the dips and rolls in many ride campsites. This is due to the high bed of a 4x4. It's a compromise, if you raise the trailer high enough to have good clearance it doesn't travel level on the open road. You just have to be careful in rough ground.

My next truck will also be a short-bed. I give up some hauling space, but it's a lot easier to maneuver and park. It all depends what your needs and priorities are.


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[RC] long-beds V. short-beds and goosenecks, Lucy Chaplin Trumbull
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