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Re: [RC] eating at rides//cold diuresis-Lynne - Lynne Glazer

So if that's the case, coffee, which has a diuretic effect anyway, magnifies it. A reason to avoid it, personally, and unlike some people I don't get those early morning nerves (though with my horse earlier this season, I should have.) Yet I know people who are unperturbed by ride morning coffee, maybe mostly men who find it convenient to pee compared to a bundled up woman with a horse circling her, roaring, "it's only been 3 miles, what's the matter with you, woman??"

The term "your mileage may vary" couldn't apply more to riders and palatable food (and drink)

Yyou know how we talk about drop-offs and how scary they can be--I had vertigo symptoms for a couple of years recently which didn't seem to really manifest too much on the horse, but I noticed it bigtime in skyscrapers and on bridges. Worried if it was permanent. Went roller-coastering for 12 hrs at Magic Mtn in late spring with friends Blayne and Elfta and it was gone. Found out later that vertigo could be an effect of the "big M". The definitive test was going up last Sunday in an aerobatic plane (belonging to and expertly flown by occasional endurance rider Nicco Murphy), a tandem, where I sat in the front seat (and operated some of the controls) and we did all the stuff you could imagine, over Lake Mathews. I even did two loops myself. No vertigo (and no nausea), but the g force was like a workout, I was pooped afterwards. I kept checking in with that part of my brain..."is this scary? No", and we did things like spins where you point the nose down and spiral in towards the lake, the motor cuts out (stalls), talk about trusting Nicco with my life! Fun. Guess I'll be ok on the California Loop someday at night...though with no parachute. ;-)


On Oct 3, 2006, at 9:08 AM, Beverley H. Kane, MD wrote:

On 10/2/06 11:06 PM, "Lynne Glazer" <lynne@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The only thing I can't do is COFFEE.  The
diuretic effect is somehow magnified in the cold weather of a dawn
start, yikes.

Ah, you're describing physiological process of "cold diuresis." It's the
opposite of sweating, where water is evaporated out the skin. In the cold,
blood is shunted away from the periphery (hands, feet, skin, superficial
tissues) and into the central regions of the body, including the kidneys.
When the kidneys get more blood, they produce more urine.

Important to have extra hydration in cold and at altitude.



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Re: [RC] eating at rides//cold diuresis-Lynne, Beverley H. Kane, MD