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[RC] What do riders eat during a ride - rides2far

I always take a diet pepsi with > me,  
but my horse is gaited.  I would not recommend that for most riders.

Ha. I came up on a couple of riders studying their map at Pigeon Mtn.
once. I stopped to chat and they asked about a trail that would take them
back to the top (where they were camped) by a loop rather than going back
they way they came. I told them it was pretty far that way, and slow go
and considering how late in the day it was that they'd better turn back
the way they came. I think they thought I was being a show off...with may
helmet and "fast" looking tack and they said they thought they'd just go
that way.  I was really kinda worried about them because I knew they'd be
caught in the dark on some rough trail, so I said, "Are you sure you can
make time?" and the guy got kinda puffed up and said, "We're making real
good time" then he reached in his saddle bags and pulled out a soft
drink. I just cringed waiting for it to explode when he opened it and
when nothing happened I said, "Is your horse gaited?" And he said, "No,
why?"  I just shook my head, and said, "Good luck, I hope you have a
flashlight" and rode off.  I wasn't too worried about making him mad. I
knew he couldn't catch me. >g<

Just to throw in my 2 cents on the what you eat thing. I eat everything
that doesn't eat me first. I used to not drink coffee before a ride and I
got headaches. So I started drinking coffee...just drinking it earlier. I
don't do any weird goo or anything. Crangrape will avoid the dehydration
"fake urinary infection feeling" (gotta pee but not really)  Drink
Gatorade in the check, water on the trail (can't dump gatorade on the
horse so don't carry it on the trail). Powerade is one of the few things
that has ever upset my stomach on the trail. Sandwiches, chips, crackers,
the leftover yogurt from mixing the electrolytes, fruit snacks. Used to
say "never drink soft drinks, they'll come back up". Lately have started
sneaking a sip or two at the check.  Orange Juice with calcium seems to
be just right on a hot ride.



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