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Re: [RC] [RC] What do riders eat during a ride - Dawn Carrie

Hi Diana,
I'm in Texas too, and since we CT region riders seldom have to deal with out of camp vet checks, I never carry food with me on my horse.  I wear a 100 oz camelbak full of water, and try to remember to drink as much as possible.  During holds, I eat/drink some combination of the following, depending on what I feel like, what is handy, or what someone puts in my hand and orders me to eat <G>:  chocolate Ensure, yogurt smoothies, trail mix (fruit/nut types; the ones with chocolate melt), jerky, mixed nuts, turkey sandwich or wrap (if someone makes it for me LOL), soft granola bars, boiled eggs, and similar stuff.  I also make sure to drink a 32 oz bottle (or close to it) of elyte mix for me...I use Gookinade (now called Hydralyte).  It has less sodium and more potassium than gatorade, and most importantly, doesn't make me nauseous the way Gatorade does.
I've found that the trick is to have lots of different stuff available, because I never know what I'll feel like eating.  And if I don't want anything, I make myself at least drink an Ensure (I can always "do" chocolate  LOL) and drink a yogurt smoothie...dairy products seem to go down well.  A friend drinks the Atkins shakes that come in a can and find that they help her feel better.  Oh, and she drinks this stuff called "Smart Water" that has some elytes in it, but I don't know that it has a whole lot...but she says she feels a lot better if she drinks it during a ride, so it must help.
Dawn in East Texas

On 10/2/06, Diana Peterson <diana2507@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I would like to ask this question.

What do riders eat during a ride ??

Here in Texas during the hot rides it is hard to keep things form melting. I
usually take powerbars ,protein bars ... and friut jello.
I have to make myself eat ...as during the ride i am usually not hungry. But
if i don't eat i get too weak.
However i found that KM liquid is a great help. I would just like to know
what other people eat during rides to keep them going ...
you don't have to clutter the list. Just email me privatly.

Thank you very much

Diana :-)

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[RC] What do riders eat during a ride, Diana Peterson