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Re: [RC] More questions for those that sell boots. - Laney Humphrey

Laura, the Easyboot website states "> The inside-sole "nubs" are gone, allowing a more natural contact of the hoof’s sole to the surface of the boot.
under "Changes in 2005." And, under "other products" offers 2 thicknesses of Comfort Pads. I'm sure it took you a bit of experimenting to find the best combination of orthotic and shoe size for yourself. I'm finding it's just the same with hoofboots for my horse. I haven't experimented yet with using pads because I have new model boots without the "nubs" and because Dino hasn't indicated he needs extra cushioning. The comfort pads can either be used extending all the way out to the wall of the boot or they can be cut to fit under just the sole. If only under the sole, the pad would not necessarily require a larger size boot. I will say, though, that if I were doing another long, long, long ride like xp01 or 04, I'd really be tempted to use the pads just for that extra little bit of "cush" for my best buddy's comfort.

Spottedracer@xxxxxx wrote:
Since I've been unable to find unbiased research on this subject, I've got some more questions for those of you that sell these boots.

I've noticed that all the catelogs that I have that are selling Macs and Easyboots, have these pad inserts for them as well. Do these hard plastic 'knobs' (similar to the plastic horse scrubber brush I have) end up hurting their soles on the really long rides? Is it neccessary for road concussion to insert these pads? Does the size boot a horse needs, change to a larger size when you insert this pad? (/I ask this since I myself have to use medical orthodics in my shoes to walk. Without them I'm a size 7, with them I'm a size 8 1/2 - or my feet are severly squeezed within the shoe)

Thankyou, LP/


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[RC] More questions for those that sell boots., Spottedracer