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Re: [RC] Foundation QH calculations - Sky Ranch

The formula, the limit on TB blood, just does not wash with me.  The early
*true* foundation horses DID have TB blood, quite a bit, in fact, and also
Arabian and other breeds.  In fact, some of the QH foundation horses were
100% TB, registered TB.

My grandfather (E.G. "Gus" Scroggins) is in the AQHA Hall of Fame.   He knew
how a performance horse should be put together, and he liked TB's.  He is in
the Hall of Fame because he was an inspector and a judge in the early days
of AQHA (1940's and 50's), traveling around inspecting horses, helping to
establish the registry.  Horses were inspected for conformation, and if they
met the standard they could be registered as a QH.  The QH was supposed to
be a horse that could do it "all."  A true performance horse.

To say that a foundation QH qualifies just because he doesn't have TB in a
set number of generations?  That's not really a good definition, imho.  If
you want to really say you have a "foundation" type of QH, then go back to
the early standard and look at the type - conformation - *not* the pedigree.
The early pedigrees were often VERY vague, because the horses were
crossbred, grades, or purebreds that they didn't want to *admit* in the
pedigree, if you get my meaning.

There were plenty of TB's and Arabians in the early QH.  Especially the
much-revered King Ranch of Texas -- for example one of their foundation
sires, Old Sorrel, a thoroughbred, was used extensively in their lines.
They did a lot of close, or line, breeding to cement the look, performance,
cow, and speed, in their horses.  The dished face and small stature of the
early King Ranch horses, as well as the great cow sense, and the nimble
footed cutting horses owe a lot to the Arabian and Spanish lines.

As most of you know, the horse that has completed the most Tevis Cup rides
was a Quarter Horse.  I think that's pretty great.  Anyone who's working to
produce that type is my kind of QH breeder!

Carla Richardson

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Subject: [RC] Foundation QH calculations

It's a limit on throrugh- bred blood..
here's the site and how to calculate it.



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[RC] Foundation QH calculations, Barb Peck