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[RC] ROC - 1984 (for Angie) - rides2far

I'll bet somewhere in stacks of papers you've got the final finishing
order that was sent out after the ride too. :-)) I have to dig a bit  but
Iknow I've got that for the 2001 PAC.  I actually have a Trail Blazer
with the list of all the entries for the 1990 ROC. I wish we could even
inlcude the Did not finish horses on the listings. It's just brings back
memories to read the names. I remember that Debi Morissette was in 1st
place till the last vet check at the 1990 ROC when Vali was pulled for
lameness. I wasn't in most of these rides but I'm able to dig up the info
mostly in Trail Blazer, so I'm sure some of you can too. I went through
several years of Endurance News and found absolutely nothing though. They
would mention it had  happened, but never listed the results.

I actually got an e-mail from Susan Gibson (was Brannon) last night about
an article I owe them. Didn't think she was accessable, so I wrote and
asked if she could possibly provide the ROC stuff. No answer yet. She may
have just checked in somewhere and is back on the trail.


The 84 ROC was in Wyoming, on the Big Horn trail.
The 85 ROC was to be held there again, but was moved to Dipetra's 
ranch south of Denver, near Castle Rock, CO.
My palomino QH stallion Scotch and Soda and I finished in a group 
with Louise Reidel and Caprison, Al Paulo and ??,  I think Marsha 
Achenbach and her pinto horse?, a young lady riding Mae Slegal's 
Pard, and a couple others I can't remember.  One of the group was 
"night blind" and asked to follow Scot's white tail in the darkest 
sections.  Al had been such a gentleman and opened all the gates in 
the last miles so we encouraged him to trot in ahead of us.

Mary Kofed and Dana's Northlight (Diamond) won, don't remember BC.

Interesting how the ROC generated such excitement even with some of 
the snafus that can happen in large events.  Should be a way to 
bring back the hoopla and all.

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Subject: [RC] ROC - 1984 (for Angie)

Angie, I just pulled out my invitation to the 1984 Race of Champions 
for my mare, HCC Fleetara (who is 30 this year).  It was held in 

Susan (in Louisville)

Angie McGhee


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