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Re: [RC] Trailer tires - Sisu West Ranch

"...10 ply TRAILER tires are the only safe way to go..."
"Ply ratings" are an old designation based on the way tires were made before Nylon cord started to be used in the 50's.  Now all tires must have a letter load rating on them.  Most car tires are load range B.  Most large truck tires are load range E (sort of like the old 10 ply rating)
The load rating you need depends on the weight carried.  If you have a half ton pickup, anything above load range C is probably a waste of money.  With a one ton truck you need bigger tires and probably load range E.
If you are pulling a two horse trailer, you probably need B tires.  The biggest gooseneck LQ may need E.
The bottom line is:
1. Find out what the weight of the loaded vehicle is.  You probably can go by the GVW on the nameplate. Scales are also an option.
2.  Do the math and figure out the weight on each tire.  Remember that the front of a truck has less weight than the back.  You need 4 (or 6) matched tires, strong enough to be on the back.
3. 90% of the weight of a tag along is on the axles.  About half of the weight of a goose neck is on the axles.
4. Go to a good tire dealer and ask his recommendations.  Check his load range recommendations with your calculations, and the original equipment tires on the vehicle.  If a trailer is old, do not go by the tires put on by previous owners.
5. Inflate the tires to the proper amount.
6. You can go to a higher load range, but not a lower.
7. Higher load range tires, inflated to their maximum will ride a bit harsher.
8. Tires also have a speed rating.  Except for agricultural tires rated for <35 or so mph, we better not be driving our horse trailers fast enough to get into trouble with speed rating.
9. Check again that you have the proper inflation pressure.  Even Firestone tires usually only blew out when underinflated.
Ed & Wendy Hauser
2994 Mittower Road
Victor, MT 59875
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