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[RC] [RC] still on cruppers - single vs double strap - sherman

I think mostly it depends on where your saddle rings are. My saddle has a ring in the center back for the crupper attachment. It would be inconvenient to try to attach it to my two side rings which I use for other purposes and they’re covered by my saddle pack anyway.


I have also not had to do any extensive training when starting a horse with a crupper. The last two horses I put under saddle had the crupper on as soon as the saddle was on and there was never any complaint, EXCEPT, when my mutton withered filly first started cantering in the arena and the saddle was going further & further up, she did finally give a buck or two. No big deal. The other horse never even acted like he knew it was there. 3 other horses that had never had a crupper until I put one on them also had no reaction, but I still did lounge them very lightly with the crupper pretty snug to make sure there were not going to be any explosions once I got on the trail. Sometimes one gelding acts a bit goosey when I put the crupper on.  I just have to get him to relax by rubbing around the tail a bit. I also do circles with the tail, pushing it way up & around slowly, both directions.






Is there any advantage/disadvantage to using a single vs double strap crupper? Just curious.

Jen Adam