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Re: [RC] cruppers - Sharon Levasseur

Excellent points.  Also, make sure you don't get tail hairs between the crupper
and the sensitive skin on the underside of the tail.  Some Body Glide on that
skin is a good idea as well, especially for longer rides.
-Sharon L.

Quoting Rebecca Bianchi <rnbianchi@xxxxxxxxx>:

I'd like to put my two cents in on this subject.  There are different styles
of cruppers and not all work on every horse.  The first one I bought was
supposed to "mold itself" to the shape of the tail.  Not only did it not do
that, but it caused huge sores on the under side of the tail.

- Warning no. 1: always check under the tail for signs of rubbing ( before
they become ugly weeping sores - I am so sorry Lady)
- Warning no. 2: the crupper should be snug enough that it doesn't
wiggle/jiggle around as the horse moves, this not only causes sores, but the
crupper loop can get below the anus, grabbing on as it moves up causing mega
goosing followed by - well that depends on how athletic and vengeful your
horse can be.  (Now this is tricky because when saddling, my horses have
their tails down and flat against the body, but being Arabs as soon as they
move out the tail comes up and the crupper loosens.  So, I may have to
really pull to get the crupper hooked up at first but then it should loosen
up when the horse moves.)
-Warning no. 3: always check your crupper before using it to see if it needs
cleaning.  By nature of placement they can get really dirty and crusty which
can cause sores that would make even the most mild mannered mount, that is
used to a crupper, go ballistic.
-Warning no. 4: lunge your horse for a few minutes, fully tacked, before you
get on.  He/she will let you know how the crupper feels at that moment in
time.  Could save you down time from an injury.

I've been there, done that, luckily escaped injury, never ride without a


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Ride Long and Ride Safe!!


[RC] cruppers, Rebecca Bianchi