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[RC] Spooking Horses - Suvut

Here's something I just figured out with my spooky horse!  I have a six-mile trail that I ride regularly at a local park.  He's used to this trail, (it has LOTS of joggers and also a golf course) and we usually do a steady trot (with a little cantering and walking) all the way around (takes us about 45 minutes).  The trail is a big loop that starts and ends at the same place.  Sometimes we go around one way, next time the other way.
He nearly ALWAYS picks up the pace about 1 mile from the finish (both ways) and also nearly always starts looking for stuff to spook at about 1/4 of a mile before we finish.
Last weekend, (in frustration) I started doing walk/trot transitions with him as soon as he started looking for spooks.  It really seemed to surprise him and get his mind back on ME as if he was wondering what I was going to ask for next.  This was a VERY pleasant way to end the ride -- unlike previous rides when I was nearly spooked off!
Susan (in Louisville)