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RE: [RC] Rescues - was Slaughter/Breeding, a subject JT is ticked off has run too long :) - heidi

Tiffany, you were NOT on the receiving end of the phone calls. 
Furthermore, the horse did NOT have "genetic issues"--and Roseann bloody well knew that.  (At least SHE was completely honest about that part--I don't know what your point is to try to perpetuate that fantasy.)
Additionally, you missed the initial point entirely that made me so angry about the whole deal--which was that AHRN didn't even HAVE control of the horse when I first contacted Roseann--and she REFUSED to share the information about his whereabouts.  That did not smack of "rescue" to me in the slightest--it was more like just plain obstruction of a breeder trying to do right by their horse.  It was the self-righteous "judge-and-jury" act over a horse that WAS NOT EVEN IN THE RESCUE'S POSSESSION that was IMO unconscionable, automatically assuming that the breeder would be a "bad guy." 
Suffice it to say, it was an experience that would put ANY breeder off of ever wanting to do it again--and I think that is the take-home message here.  I persist in posting in response to your posts in hopes that others involved in rescue will learn from that experience, and realize that they ARE often a part of the problem that keeps breeders from trying to do right by their own. 

Actually I was, and was working actively with that rescue at the time that it happened. 
I can understand why a rescue would have some qualms about putting a stallion with genetic issues back with a breeder. 
They ultimately understood that Heidi was going to be responsible and he went back. 
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