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[RC] Muddy Creek Rain Gear - Susan Favro

I ride in (when weather calls for it) Muddy Creek Rain Gear and it does a great job.


I used the log coat during a rainy ride early in the season and found that it does indeed keep the entire back of my saddle covered. At a walk or slower trot it also covers my legs (not so much at a fast trot or canter). I’d recommend wearing waterproof half chaps for added rider protection.  There is also a shorter style rain coat. Either coat packs up small enough to fit on your cantle bag and is super light weight (the long coat only weighs about 2 pounds). The best part of the coat is the gusset in the back. It’s not split and it’s covers the entire back of the saddle (even when posting).


The coat itself is made from a waterproof, breathable fabric. The seams are sealed. The lining is down-proof which means it isn’t going to wick water up your sleeve if your gloves get wet. There are two large patch pockets on the outside and one large inner pocket. The coat also has an optional hood that will fit over your helmet.


The coat was designed by an avid trail rider which is very obvious when you look at the attention to detail. It’s made with quality and thoughtfulness.


As you would with anything used around your horse, I strongly recommend you have your horse thoroughly sacked out and used to the sound of the fabric, the flapping of the coat when you put it on or take it off, etc.


I do sell this rain coat, but I only sell a product that I believe is the best of the best. If it’s raining (or looking like it might), I’ll be the one wearing a Muddy Creek Raincoat. Photos of the coat are on my site (under Clothing for the Rider).


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