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[RC] Oleander update - TypeF \(Jackie Floyd\)

Worked the oleanders into the conversation with the neighbor last night and at first I could see that he was getting a little stiff inside :) but after a long conversation he volunteered that if we were to pay for a replacement wall, he'd pull the ones out that are at the back of the property by the horses. And by the end of the end of the conversation he said he'd be willing to share the cost and he's going to find the source for the blocks and the brick layer. Wow. Would have never thought. My husband was flabbergasted. But I won't count my chickens until their hatched. When I see the bushes coming down and the bricks going up, I'll report back.
Meanwhile, the horses are all officially moved and new fences put up and at least it will be less dust for the neighbor. The thought of moving my property line 20 feet in and pulling out all that fence and putting a block wall there was really making me sad. So wish me luck in following through with this one.
:) Jackie
(and a bunch of really confused horses looking longingly over the fence at their old space)