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Re: [RC] [RC] help with trail shy gelding - Dawn Carrie

Smile with your butt...I love it!  I use the phrase, "See everything, look at nothing" when explaining to others how I ride when on a horse that tends to spook.  I "see" the potential boogers, but I don't "look" at them.  I look on down the trail, and find that by not focusing on the potential scary things, my horse tends to go right on past them.  If I look at the thing, my horse somehow senses it and reacts.
Dawn in East Texas

On 9/11/06, Sky Ranch <skyranch@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Words so truly spoken; if the horse trusts you, he will go.  It may take a
little while, so be patient at first, until your horse learns to trust you.
There was an old, old few words of advice, that I am certain most have
heard, learned, and know that it's true:  "Throw your heart over the fence,
and your horse will follow."

That "throwing your heart" applies to streams, trails, mountains, or
wherever you want to go.  If you are scared (and I have been -- many times)
and tense up, your horse can feel it.  The trainer, Parelli, had a wonderful
description -- he said to smile with your butt.  <Ahem>  In other words,
don't pucker, but relax.  It really does work.  Horses are very sensitive
animals, as we all know.  They can feel whether you're puckering or smiling.
.... :-)

Carla Richardson


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