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RE: [RC] Slaughter/Breeding - Chris Paus

Thank you Heidi for speaking up. I hate it when "breeders" are all painted with a big brush stroke. For crying out loud, where do you people think your next horse will come from? If we weren't breeding a few, there wouldn't be any new ones. Yes, sometimes bad crap happens.
I had a buyer ignore my sales contract and take a lovely old mare to the sale barn.. I found out about it months after the fact and there wasn't a damn thing I can do. It's been 10 years and I still regret that sale. That old mare deserved a much more dignified end to her life.
so far, all my babies have gone to friends or friends of good friends. So far, all of them but one still are with the original buyer, having a great life. One came back to me and is getting replaced in a good home.
That's why I don't breed more than I can care for. Not everyone breeds horses willy nilly. some of us research bloodlines, make the best matches we can, and are proud of the solid horse citizens we bring into the world one or two at a time.

heidi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Don't EVEN get me started on this one!  As a breeder who has had the nasty experience of trying to be "responsible" and fighting like crazy to get a rescue agency to let me take a horse THAT I BRED that fell into their clutches (you should have seen my phone bill) and then finally leaping into my truck and driving over 1000 miles in the dead of winter to pick him up when they finally wavered and said that I could come get him, before they could change their minds and call me back and renege, I've seen a whole different side to this. 
We pour money into our horses as it is.  The vast majority of my own horses have either gone into riding homes or are still here.  The BREEDERS cannot help what happens when the people who buy them dumps them.  Had a nasty experience with THAT one, too--when I sold a group of horses to a seemingly serious endurance family that wanted to breed a few as well.  It was sickening to find out that THEY had dumped a group of them--although I think all have ended up in homes, thanks to some astute people in the area who snapped them up at auction. 

Chris Paus

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RE: [RC] Slaughter/Breeding, heidi