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Re: [RC] Slaughter/Breeding - D'Arcy Demianoff-Thompson

Heidi, that is a terrible experience that you went through with recovering one of your own.  That is not uncommon in the dog world either.  Even when you have an iron clad sales contract with a first right of refusal!  It just seems so simple to me.  If you can't keep a horse that I sold you or gave you then return it to ME!  Don't try and sell it at auction etc!  Let me get it sold for you or better yet let me help you figure out a way that you may be able to keep the horse after all.  We have had  a rash of replacements on older horses recently.  Why?  Seems like the first thing to be affected with divorces are the animals. 
Heidi is correct breeders can not be responsible for what another human does after the horse leaves our care.  All we can do is try to insure we are doing our best at placing the horse in the best possible situation.  Followup with annual calls / emails / or in writing to see if all is still going well or if they need help in any direction.  
Most people are too proud to admit they are having a problem and can not keep a horse.  They would rather 'hide' and try to get around having to admit they have a problem.  By keeping in touch with our clients we are able to give them someone to lean on that makes it more palatible to come forth when they need help.  
Lastly, isn't that what our industry is all about - communication?  For example Ride Camp forum provides a HUGE avenue of communication, education, and sharing of experiences.  I have been enjoying the different threads, the compassion that is displayed, and most of all the manner in which most of the Ride Camp community conducts themselves in a professional manner.  Communication can't get much better than that!
D'Arcy Lynne
"A friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart.  One that holds your heart in their hands as if it were glass!"

RE: [RC] Slaughter/Breeding, heidi