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[RC] Slaughter/Breeding - Karen Everhart

I agree - NO MORE TAXES. That is nirvana not reality. Just as with cigarettes, etc., if individuals continue to burden "society" with the problems related to their choices (many cigarette smokers are stricken with devastating illnesses related to their behavior choice yet have no insurance to pay for the high costs of desired medical care so do not pay their bills OR rely on Medicaid OR - if old enough - Medicare) then society must place the burden back onto the source - hence taxes. I drive, hence I pay road taxes. Wanna stop paying road taxes? Stop driving.

Truth is, slaughter is a symptom of overbreeding, hence too many unwanted horses. Where else do you get 100,000 unwanted horses a year? If they weren't produced they wouldn't exist. So, who should pay for the problem? Those who produce the unwanted horse - the backyard breeder AND the commercial breeder. According to an ABC news documentary aired last week on the eve of the vote on HB 503, the majority of horses taken to slaughter are YOUNG and HEALTHY.

Here in Kansas, Fall is the height of HUGE production sales. Hundreds of horses (mostly QH's) are sold at auction at various locations across the state. Last year I think the highest sale price at one large auction was just over 3,000 with the majority selling for less than 1,000. Why? Too many horses bred, period. Here everyone wants the next reining or cutting champion so the breeding of hundreds with the hopes of finding that million dollar horse is "okay" . Bull-hockey, I say. I wonder how many of those horses went to slaughter??? If only ONE, that is unacceptable to me. This is a national problem that, to be solved, has to start with the source.

I dabble in breeding. If my horses don't go to a probable "forever home" then I am responsible for them for their ENTIRE life. My choice to breed, my responsibility. Period. End of discussion. If euthansia is necessary, then they die here. I "made" 'um I will bury 'um. Don't want to take care of them? Don't breed them.

Karen Everhart MEd. President- Rainbow Meadows Equine Rescue and Retirement, Inc. email: President@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx www.rainbowmeadowsranch.com

Owner/Operator Horse Calls LLC
Training, Centered Riding Lessons
CTR and Endurance Conditioning and Training
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Ah, no more taxes! Tracy


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