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[RC] Big Soth Fork - rides2far

WOW!  Let's just say total success. Eric Reuter & the Knoxville Arabian
Horse Club hit the jackpot in about every account.  There were over 90
entries Thurs. Over 90 Friday, and over 120 on Saturday.  The weather was
wonderful with the exception of a good hard hour and a half shower
Saturday (with thunder of course, during my last 10 miles) that made the
prospect of getting a zillion huge rigs that were parked as close as cars
at the mall on Christmas Eve stuck in hilly fields.  

LOTS of people rode multiple days. Quite a few did all 3 days on one
horse. This ride is beautiful but has lots of ups & downs into the gorge
that adds up to some pretty serious elevation changes. Those horses
really did something in my opinion. Neelia Reuter was the overall winner
I believe, and I know her horse was the overall BC.  I was embarassed.
Neelia & her horse looked like they'd just stepped out of a band box on
the 3rd day.  Well groomed, spiffy and both looked full of energy.  I
felt like a real slacker...my easyboot bag didn't even match my shirt! 
g<  Bud Davison won the 2 day 100, Betsy Knight, Cara Disbrow & Lynn
Kneely won IAHA stuff...don't remember much else. Quite a few ride & tie
people on the trail. I don't know which impresses me more, them running
or their horses standing tied when we go by.

Teddy Lancaster had her Running Bear store there. She was VERY GENEROUS
with the awards, donating a headstall (valued at $35)  to EVERY junior
that finished even one day. Josie picked out a $25 headstall and she gave
her a $10 credit!  She also donated those to the IAHA champions.  I
really dread Josie turning 17 next year. When you can pay $40 entry fee
and get a $35 headstall, a T-shirt it makes it that much harder to going
to 2 full priced entries per family. :-P  

Otis Schmitt kept the big crew of vets sorted out. They had so many
entries they were bringing in more all the time.  Don't know what we'll
do if Otis ever gets tired of us.Thanks to EVERYONE who made this ride
possible We had a great time.

P.S. To the man I tried to run over on the way out of the muddy field.  I
had already chosen my course before I got my speed up. You should not
stand on the one piece of firm ground thinking  you'll get a good view of
the excitement when I hit the mud when I could get around it by running
over the ground you stood on.  I didn't think it would take you *quite*
that long to figure out I was not going to turn, but I had confidence in
your survival instincts kicking in eventually. :-)



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