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Re: [RC] Eating Living Things - Tom Sites

Good morning Heidi,  I'm in agreement that more people should raise their own meat.  Mainly for the fact you know what you're getting and has not been indused chemically for faster groth.  Our area is a big poultry growing area and it used to be the chicken houses could get a chicken out to processing in six weeks from a little hatchling and its down to 5 weeks now.  How are they doing it?  injesting more growth hormones and antibiotics and who knows what else in terms of chemicals.  Whenever i tried to raise my chickens in a cage it took months and they were still skinny and not as plump as the stores.  I also know chicken farmers that will not eat their crops because of the conditions they live under and the chemicals they eat.
Cows, pigs and sheep are probably done in the same way, so any organic home raising programs would pobably be better for you than the store bought.
I remember growing up in West Virginia and doing the slaughter and using every thing from the carcass somewhat like the Indians did to their to the buffalo and others.  They did not waste anything.  Now getting people to do this will probably not evolve, but those that do will have a better and more naturally wholesome plate of meat for sunday dinner.
Tho our 3 children were raised to a limited slaughter, none do them practice that today.  I even fed them fresh from the cow milk because it was cheaper than regular milk, but it was real mild.  I think i turned  them off to that approach from the time we were going to Disneyworld for Christmas and had to slaughter 20 chikens or more before we left.  I think that ruined it for them as they don't do the practice of home-raised meat.  ts
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Sent: Saturday, September 09, 2006 1:18 AM
Subject: RE: [RC] Eating Living Things

Having grown up in a situation where our family did its own slaughter, I'm with Juli (I think it was Juli) on this one--I MUCH prefer to eat meat that I slaughtered myself, because I know where it came from.  Our wild game and grass-fed beef tastes a WHOLE lot better than what you buy in the grocery store.
In earlier times, most people did their own slaughtering, so to speak--and most people ate meat, whenever they could get hold of any...

I have a lot of Friends who are Vegetarians and always respect their view points and rationale.  I have also commented to RC in the past about if more people had to do their own slaughter, there would be more vegetarians. 

RE: [RC] Eating Living Things, heidi