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Re: [RC] oleander - Jo Ann Knight

You aren't missing anything.  They do make great dust, sound barriers along
freeways.  Also great for blocking the oncomming headlights, but other than
that they are horrid things.  They are grown extensively in the  south,
texas to Florida the map shows.  Then the west coast mostly in California.

According to my book on toxic plants, Cardiac glycosides are the toxic
principle and are found throught the plant.  According to this book it takes
one ounce of a leaf to kill a large horse or .0005 % of its body weight.  Do
not burn, the smoke is toxic accordind to the book.

The book describes symptoms in horses to include: diarrehea, trembling, and
cold extremities.  Paralysis, cardiac arrest and coma followed by death will
occur if a fatal amount is ingested.

Treatemnt is not specific.  Activated charcoal, via stomach tube,
intervenous fluids, other supportive therapy may be helpful.  Specific
cardiac drugs may be helpful, but horses will need EKG monitoring in a
clinic or hospital setting.

The book goes n to say that one should take caution with prunings.

The caviat is that I have never found a book on health topics to be 100%
accurate be it human or animal.
Jo Ann

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From: Chris Paus 
Date: 9/6/2006 7:12:13 PM 
To: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 
Subject: Re: [RC] oleander 

Boy, I'm glad people don't plant oleanders in Kansas. I don't think I've
ever seen one. 


Jonni <jonnij@xxxxxxxx> wrote: 
But yes, ONE bite CAN kill a horse. I lost a really nice gelding after he
grabbed one bite that was planted along a So. CA bridle trail. 

?A short horse is soon curried? 

Chris Paus 

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Re: [RC] oleander, Chris Paus