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OT: Re: [RC] [RC] - Horsey Dorsey - John Teeter

At 08:42 AM 9/7/2006, you wrote:
I?m reading your posts just fine from the archives. 
Actually, the posts you are reading in the archives are the ones that make it 
through. I've noticed that email delivery from yahoo->endurance.net can be 
unpredictable. In my tests (sending mail to me from my yahoo account); about 
40% of the time, there is no contact from yahoo mail servers to the 
endurance.net mail server. That is, I send mail and watch the endurance.net 
logs - no attempt from yahoo is logged. yet the email does not bounce. That's a 
very high % of lost mail, but w/o access to the sending side logs, it not 
possible to chase it any fruther. I have trouble with yahoo groups b/c of this; 
in that case, if have to go to the y.groups archives to read the messages b/c 
I'm not receiving the distributions consistently. It's most strange.


I?ve noticed that whenever Dawn Simas posts to ridecamp, only the header 
shows up on my digests, 

This is a problem with the email digester program I wrote years ago. I need to 
go back in and update it. It basically strips all the fancy structure out of a 
message and places the plain text into the digest. It (obviously) misses a few 


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Ride Long and Ride Safe!!


[RC] [RC] - Horsey Dorsey, sherman