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Re: [RC] weaver - SHEILA A WALSH

I am just joining this thread.  I, too, bought an 8 yr old mare that hadn't been handled for 4 years.  She has turned out to be the gentlest ride I have ever had after 3 years of bringing her along slowly.  I did long line her and bit her for months very gently prior to stepping into the stirrups.  one habit that she has is that she will weave in a corner, when something excites her; and she will weave in the trailer going down the road, which means she arrives sweaty at camp. 
Any suggestions as to how to get her to stop?  I saw Chris Cox on T.V. and he suggests working a "busy" horse around the trailer and then letting them rest in the trailer.  I haven't tried that, yet.
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I disagree. My horse was alone for a long time before I purchased her. I got her home and she was cranky with the others so I took her out for one on one time. She was so shocked and thrilled that someone was going to pay attention and love her that she is the best horse I have now.
"I would be very cautious about getting involved with this mare.  She
have been alone during the critical time when horses learn how to
behave in
a herd situation.

Many years ago I boarded a mare that had been alone for years.  My
then, as now, was that the mixed herd had to get along.  Every morning
feeding time the mare would get into the dominant gelding's space.  He
patiently explain (ears first then bared teeth) that she was not
When she persisted, he would turn around and kick her soundly with both
feet.  She would back off and sulk for awhile.  The next morning it was
same thing.  She just was not able to learn how to get along.  I was
happy to see her go down the road."

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