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[RC] cranky mare - Jonni

So my questions are  if you had a horse that was likely to aggressively
kick other horses in a pasture situation, what would you
do? <<<

Only put her out with horses that I did not care if they got injured...and
did not care if the injuries included things like broken legs.

should I have a vet check into things in case of any hormonal or other
underlying problems? <<<

I think that would be a wise investment

should I just run away?  (I really like this mare, would hate to see
her end up in a bad situation because of something I could fix or deal with
just by having her in a different environment or different sport).<<<

Ask yourself if you truly LIKE this horse, and see her as a part of your
distance riding program, or if you just feel the need to "fix" her. That is
not a bad thing, but I'd really analyze why I wanted the horse. Many of us
do feel the need to "save" one from what ever we feel they need saved from.
But with so many really nice horses out there, is this really a project you
want to take on. Only you can answer the true reasons why you indeed might
want to take this horse on. You do not need to justify it with any of us.
But I'd consider if the horse is indeed a risk to you and your family, and
other animals or not. Some can't be fixed, while others turn out to be the
best horse we might ever have.

Jonni in TX  (home of 5 Arabian geldings who live in harmony 99% of the
time. LOL)


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