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Re: [RC] Arabian Definition - Chris Paus

That's why I was so excited to find a stallion with 18.75 percent WitezII in his pedigree... a good percentage these days! And so far, I haven't been disappointed.
There is a WitezII owners network on line. Most of the horses in that network are working horses. Anna Freeman, who started the network, uses her horses to work cattle on their Colorado ranch. There are some endurance and CTR horses on the list, too. It does my heart good to see an old bloodline preserved as well as it can be so many generations past, and to see Arabians out in the world being horses and doing real jobs.

Barbara McCrary <bigcreekranch@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Early day endurance riders...Kathie Perry, Hal Hall, Marion Arnold and
numerous others, know about Witez II through his son Kosciusko, Ted Jeary's
excellent stallion. Ted Jeary (Hyannis Cattle Co.) bred some of the best
endurance horses there were, and are. Kathie and Hal are still riding
Tevis, Hal and his wife Ann on Bogus Thunder, a Kosciusko grandson,
therefore a Witez II great-grandson. I'd give a lot if Ted was still
breeding his wonderful horses. They were about 14.2-14.3 in general, tough,
muscular, and very enduring. We had two Kosciusko grandget and one
Kosciusko son. They were fine horses. Unfortunately, a lot of the Witez
breeding has run out, diluted by time. Sigh.....


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Re: [RC] Arabian Definition, Barbara McCrary