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Re: [RC] pay for a saddle fitter - SHEILA A WALSH

I have a princess and the pea Arab mare.......I have been through 6 saddles trying to find one that won't make her back sore.  It was real awful to find out that a custom made saddle for her back, hurt her.
So the last saddle that I had fit her well and she got fit and then her back changed a little and it started to hurt her.
That saddle was suggested by my trainer, too.
I just finished having another saddle fitting with a professional saddle fitter, who is also a superb horseman and three day eventer (closest to being able to understand the work we put our horses through).  I have learned more than I ever thought possible about saddle fitting and how the saddle must follow the shape of the horse's back and that can be tested by gently running your hand under the saddle from the front to the back.  If you hand gets stuck at any point, move on to another saddle.
I also learned that saddles made in England may not fit our smaller Arabs.  I learned that the hard way.  Arabs don't tend to have those tall whithers that stay high further down their backs like big hacking horses.  My mare definitely wants my weight at a certain part of her back.
The point I am trying to make is:  pay for a prof. saddle fitter, if your horse is hard to fit.  It's worth it.
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From: Robert R
Sent: Tuesday, August 15, 2006 6:55 PM
Subject: [RC] my saddle is better than yours question

Ok, I'm a newbie just starting out.  Don't know nothing.  Don't got nothing.  Well, I have a pretty nice horse if you like the spotted variety.  I am not rushing out to buy anything just yet but have been snooping around saddles.  I like other Wintec English saddles.  Is their Endurance saddle good?  Why or why not.  What kinds of things should someone who could easily get duped be looking for.  I already know my horse prefers an English saddle over a Western one which is a pity because I am just the opposite but I am learning to like the close contact I am using now but hope to upgrade around the end of the year (as in Christmas bonus money).  Luckily, you can't make me mad cuz I don't have enough background to agree or disagree with anybody just yet (as long as we all agree that spotted horses rule) but give me time and I'll get in the fray.

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[RC] my saddle is better than yours question, Robert R