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Re: [RC] Arabs and water - Barbara McCrary

An interesting part of a book about an endurance run was in "The Searchers" by Allan LeMay. A bunch of ranchers way out in some remote prairie area in the 1800s were lured away from their homestead by Indians. By the time the men had gone about 80 miles from home, they began to realize they were tricked and they headed for home. The primary character ran his horse for most of the 80 miles....I think perhaps they laid over for a bit, feeding their horses, but it's been so long ago I read it, I've forgotten the details. When he finally reached the cabin, it was afire, his brother and brother's wife were massacred, and their youngest daughter had been abducted by the Indians to be raised as one of their own. The man killed his horse by running him so hard to get back to the homestead. The rest of the book dealt with his search for his niece. It was a fine read, and I felt it was very realistic. It was made into a movie with John Wayne as the principal character, but I felt some of the others were miscast and not strong enough in character.


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I remember reading a Western novel once where "our hero" was fleeing
the bad guys on horseback.  He was making a heroic run -- I quote, "in
three days he was a hundred miles from [the town where the chase
started]."  I fell off my chair laughing.


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[RC] Arabs and water, mrsd
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