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Re: [RC] Arabs and water - patty peck

There is an old tale, that a BS'ing Aussie told me.  That you can always tell if an arab is pure bred from  the desert because it will go down on it's knees to drink at a water hole so not to muddy the water with it's feet.  Well OK I thought, another BS story.  I have had arabs for many years and NEVER seen this,  untill we took an desert bred gelding to a ride and at the first water hole he, yes, GOT DOWN ON HIS KNEES TO DRINK.  He had never done that before, but there were several horses behind him waiting to get to the small water hole.  Hmmmmm  Patty

mrsd@xxxxxxxx wrote:

Very old and possibly true tale regarding Arabian Horses and water....

These horses were raised in the desert for several thousand years... It seems as
though the last theing you would want to see happen would be for your horse to
jump into the first pond of water that they came to,thus destroying it for
everyone else. So if the horse jumped into the water they would just kill it
and after several thousand years of this, the word got out to the
horses....JUST DON'T GO NEAR THE WATER====== I think that most of those that we
have had since 1965 were real desert horses.../

Dick Dawson


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[RC] Arabs and water, mrsd