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Re: [RC] EN covers and 100's - Lynne Glazer

Winner: Becky Spencer, October of the anniversary year (2004?), the flying dismount on the offside, vet card already in hand. She tied with Jeremy Reynolds.

The office certainly does solicit photos from the usual shooters, Mike. Sometimes they're looking for something specific, like for a man after too many wimmen.

You are so right about the pixelated small cam shots! Judicious post processing can make an image into a cover shot, but has to start with decent raw material. Using a winner's shot on a 100 can sometimes mean taking it between 10 am-2 pm, which means contrasty light with shadows on rider and horse faces. <shudder> The shot of Becky was taken about 3:30 pm. The shot of Vicki was taken in the morning shade. The shot of John Crandell was around 10:30 am/yuck, there's light on his face but no detail in Heraldic's eyes.

I had a lovely vertical of Kathy Perry I wanted to submit for a cover, they were stopped in the creek at Swanton. Her blonde hair blazing in the pool of sunlight along with her horse's face, also lit, as he drank. No helmet. Alas. Another time a member submitted one of mine of a junior, and the helmet's strap wasn't properly adjusted. Nixed!


On Aug 11, 2006, at 3:50 PM, Michael Maul wrote:

In response to:" But with ALL this talk about the promotion of 100 mile rides, why is it that the covers of EN do not reflect the winning horses of the big 100's ???? "

First - there has to be a picture of the winner taken sometime during the day when there's good light. You don't know they are winners then...

Second - someone has to submit the photo with the photographer's permission to the AERC office as a possible cover picture. The office doesn't solicit pictures - they just get them sent by members.

The photo is chosen from those submitted on the basis of whether it looks good and can be enlarged to cover size. Sometimes with the new digital cameras - a photo is submitted that was taken at low or medium resolution to save space in the memory and it looks pixelated at cover size. I've had this happen after a photo of Julie Suhr at Ft Schellbourne was selected but was medium resolution.

So all these things have to happen for a photo to reach the cover. Plus the rider has to be wearing a helmet if mounted for the photo to be used.

There's certainly been photos from Tevis on the cover but I don't know if the winner ever made the cover.



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[RC] EN covers and 100's, Michael Maul