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Re: [RC] Great 100 Milers (Whoa Jack & Sandy Olinger) - rides2far@xxxxxxxx

So I wonder why he was he sold Sandy to Melissa..
or are they re;lated???)

You know how if you don't have to work & wait on something you don't 
get quite the thrill out of it? Well, the impression I got was Sandy 
got Whoa Jack and he just took off and won, and won, and won. Maybe 
it got tedious.>g< She pretty much quit competing after she sold him. 
Came back a couple of years later and did a 50 twice and then gone 

I remember when he was for sale. She was selling Whoa Jack and her 
great big heartmonitor (the kind that looks like a calculater. I was 
so smart...I bought the heartmonitor. :-P  He wasn't cheap, but I 
remember it wasn't really high. Melissa said he had a brand and once 
after he'd been to the WEC  someone figured out what his number was 
and she contacted his breeders to let them know; they didn't even 
want to talk to her. Seems they'd lost a bundle in Arabs and he'd 
been run through an auction without his papers. Man, I could easily 
get some of this wrong, so take this as "gossip" level of gospel. It 
would be nice to know what his breeding was. Seems like Sandy bought 
him at that auction.

Melissa said he was the kindest horse in the world...but then all 
Melissa's horses seem to be happy. Once when Charbiel was at his peek 
she brought him to Longstreet's Charge not to enter, just to do a 
little conditioning while Tommy competed. She rode Charbiel up the 
mountain to the vet check, then said, "Angie, does she know how to 
ride?" talking about Josie. Josie was about 8 and rode ponies 
bareback all the time at home but hadn't had a big horse to ride. I 
said "yes". In a little while I looked up and Josie was trotting all 
over the area just having a great time on Charbiel. Melissa was 
letting her babysit him while she crewed. :-)


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