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[RC] metric - Brenda K.


Extracted from Joe's post on metric conversion: 
"Hmmm, I once stated the average speed to drive in a car rally I put on
in "furlongs per fortnight.'And once specified the length of
something in "gallons per acre.'"

Geeze Joe, whether metric, imperial or otherwise, an acre (There are roughly
2 1/2 of 'em in a hectare) is a two-dimensional rather than a linear
measure. So, if you want to talk gallons per acre, I guess you'd have to
figure out how far you would have to go driving back and forth across an
acre of land until you've covered it all. With a big John Deere and a 60-ft
set of harrows, you could cover that acre in a lot fewer passes than you
could with a lawn-mower that has a 42-in sweep. Of course, the Deere is
going to need more fuel just to start than the Yardman will use cutting the

You want some real fun, try to convert US gallons into Imperial gallons. US
gallons are 3.8 litres, where Imperial gallons are 4.5, which was always a
bitch when we Canadians were still using Imperial measures. The trucks
seemed to gobble up a lot more fuel at US gas stations, because the gallons
were smaller. Up here in the Canadian Prairies - I'm about a day's drive
northeast of your place - we're currently paying $1.15 per litre for fuel,
which works out to $4.37 (CDN) per US Gallon. Figure on $100 plus ($80 to
$90 US) to fill the Chevy, which gets doubly thirsty when hauling horses.
That's what I call endurance.

Brenda K.
Leslieville, Alta.


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