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Re: [RC] Other nations and endurance - Sisu West Ranch

The problem is that some one thought that you could use a gradualism approach.  That does not work.  If you are going to change you do it bright and early one January first.  In 6 months everyone has adjusted.
Example: Special cross country ski trails (at least in the Midwest) were started by people who admired cross country skiing in Europe.  From the start they were marked in Kilometers.  I know people who are completely at ease with this, but think they could never change their cars or other things to Metric.
Example:  I had a number of products in factories where, because of the origin and age of the equipment, some was calibrated in Degrees F, and some in Celsius.  Both the engineers and the hourly workers were completely at ease with both systems in use at the same time.
There are a couple of things that would be very hard to change in the USA.   From Pennsylvania west,  most of the country has been surveyed in miles, and rods.  This makes land descriptions very easy if you use rods, and acres.  The second area is home construction.  16 inch and 24 and 48 inch spacings are used to build things.  It would be a real pain to change.  Even more of a pain than I have in my present house where some of the lumber is rough (2" by 4"), some is old (1 5/8" by 3 5/8"), and the new stuff is 1 1/2" by 3 1/2".
Please: I am not advocating a campaign to change from our customary units to metric, just explaining that the problem is not change, just the will to change.
One of the interesting things about the mess we have allowed our measurements to get into is our definition of length.  The British yard is or was not exactly the same as the American yard.  The American yard is defined in relation to the Meter, the British yard is a bar kept in England.  Most of the time it doesn't matter, but if you are going to build a very precise piece of machinery, you better be careful.
It is interesting that in the UK they are probably in more of a mess than we are.  On their highways, distances to towns are marked in miles (abreviated m on the signs) but the distance to an exit is in Meters (apreviated m on the signs).  That took a bit of getting used to!
PS: Our engineers handle this unit comfusion well, except when customary and Metric unit confusion causes a Mars lander to crash.
Ed & Wendy Hauser
2994 Mittower Road
Victor, MT 59875
(406) 642-9640

Re: [RC] Other nations and endurance, Jody Rogers-Buttram