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Re: [RC] decline in 100's - Tevis entries? - patty peck

I was talking of recent years,  I realize that the numbers were lower pre 90's, heck endurance wasn't as big a deal..  I'm sure you are right.  The years that I crewed there were 250+ riders. 
Who has been bored this last week and will go back to *lurker* status.

Ya gotta be careful when you start throwing around numbers :-)
Two years ago was the Super Huge 50th Anniversay Celebration attended by the Entire Universe including kings and queens ;-p  Having spent previous years taking numbers as the horses crest Emmigrant Pass all by our lonesome, 2004 was like a 3-ring circus with dozens of people there.  Trust me, any statistical analysis has to toss out 2004.  If there ever was an year outside the norm, that was it.
That was also about the time when an experience requirement was instituted for the first time in Tevis history, which also has had an effect in excluding locals who only are interested in doing Tevis, not other endurance rides.  They knew they weren't going to finish, they just wanted to ride those trails given the luxury of yellow ribbons in the wilderness.
If you look at the historical data available on the Tevis website you'll find that entries bounce around a bit from year to year, with an average of 213 (204 if you toss out 2004 and 2000, two abnormally high years).  2003 actually had the lowest entries in the last decade, with only 150 starters (everyone was waiting for the next year ;-p).  1996 only had 191.
You can't look at a ride that's been going on for 52 years and make a trend analysis based on only the last three, one of which was an annomaly.
Dana Baldwin


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Re: [RC] decline in 100's - Tevis entries?, Dana B.