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[RC] Distance riding in other countries - Steph Teeter

-in general - the 40km rides in other nations are run the same as our 25 mile rides - shotgun start, and horses have to reach pulse criteria at finish for placement. Finish placements and BC's are awarded.
-however- FEI rules treat all distances the same - and the rules state that time stops when you cross the finish line. So if a nation wants to sanction 40km (25mi) ride with FEI they can't do the pulse to finish, it has to be in order of crossing the finish line.
It is more common to sanction the longer distances (160km, 120km, and 80km to a lesser extent) than it is to sanction the 40km rides as FEI (CEI*).

Currently the qualification rules (start with 40km and move up) are administered on the National level. FEI doesn't require qualifications (except for Championship level CEI**** events).
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   I am curious what the format is for the 40K races in other countries.  You stated that in some countries horses have to start at the shorter distances before moving up.  Are the 40K rides considered training rides in these countries?  Or are the basically a shorter version of a 80K or 160K or are they set up more similar to our 25 milers where the finishing time is based on recovery not actual placing.  If they are just a shorter version of the longer distances,  do most of the riders treat the 40K as a race or a training ride?  Also, what is the minimum competition age for horses entering a 40K? 

[RC] Distance riding in other countries, KimFue