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Re: [RC] [RC] call it Endurance? Long, probably TOO long - Barbara McCrary - Erick Larson



I believe I am responsible for letting the demons out of the bottle on this round of LD vs Endurance.  I replied to a post that had language that I found annoying.  My point was aimed at the ATTITUDES not the distance.  Since posting I received many private emails thanking me for expressing what they were thinking.  One writer remarked that if I thought some rider attitudes were bad in this sport I should ride dressage!


I don’t give a rip what you call a shorter distance ride.  It amuses me how vehemently some have protested the use of the word endurance when related to shorter rides.  I wonder, do you all have a secret handshake to identify other members of the club?


I enjoyed the post giving the background and history about how all this got started.  I have yet to read a post here from a newcomer stating the shorter distance ride is where they will always be riding.  On the contrary, every post from a newcomer on this subject and every private email I received reinforced my original point about attitudes.  It seems to me from the anecdotal evidence that the shorter distance ride IS being used as a springboard to longer distances.  As long as ride mangers continue to have half or more of revenue coming from shorter distance riders these rides will continue.  Would any of you ride managers be able to continue your rides with half of the revenue you receive now?


Of course there will always be a group that for whatever reason never wants to ride a longer distance.  So what?  Let ‘em come and ride a short one.  Give ‘em a little prize when they win.  Let ‘em count their miles.  Their entry fee sponsors you “real endurance riders”.


Since it seems the shorter distance riders don’t care what you call it, and since some veterans really do care, and all ride managers want to continue to have the revenue from shorter distance riders, then I have a solution.  Let’s call all rides under 50 miles the “sissyfairy ride”.  Perhaps a pink ribbon tied to your horses tail would be helpful to identify these “not as tough as you are” folks.  I think I’ll borrow my little nieces pink tutu for the next time I ride the sissyfairy distance.  That way you know to avoid me at ridecamp.  J


Seriously, I agree with the one poster who opined that people are much “crankier” here online than in person.  I have a week off and it’s too nice a day not to ride so I am outta here.  I apologize to the moderator for inadvertenly starting this discussion up again.  This thread is now in my spam filter so I won’t reply on it anymore.  I do have some questions about nutrition and training but I will save them until the dust settles a little.


See Ya!!