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[RC] Nation of Wimps? - Kearby Kate G Civ 748 CBSG/OM

Title: Nation of Wimps?

As you all discuss what is Endurance, and people wanting to call LD endurance, we in NATRC are looking at something they are calling the DO option... Distance Only...  well with the first work in CTR being Competitive, what place does this have, it's an oxymoron..  ???  I read an article the other day about how due to over protective parenting we are becoming a nation of wimps....  Perhaps if we quit putting helmets on our kids?  Haha..  That's a joke folks, at least I think.  But like pass/fail systems at school and trying to modifiy everything so everyone can have a place to 'fit' is taking away from having goals, places to reach and achieve...  Let's not take the Endurance out of Endurance or the Competitive out of CTR...  Note I am principley a CTR rider, riden one LD so far, before I started riding NATRC open distance, If I have time for endurance I'll be doing 50s from now on, maybe I'll do 100 someday if I have the right horse before I'm too old...  Meantime, if you are a distance rider, and your greatest level of achievement and desire is LD or novice CTR, that's cool, You aren't sitting on your butt, you are doing something, beats the heck out of what a lot of wimps are doing sitting on their bums typing on computers.....  Lets not really become a nation of Wimps, raise your kids to be adventuresome.

Kate Kearby