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[RC] Planning For Your First 100 - Carolyn Burgess

I am hoping to do my first hundred this year (if all goes well, but really hasn't this year).  My experienced horse is 15, so I either have to do it now or wait until my 6 y.o. is 9 or 10.  This horse has been doing CTR since 2002 and endurance since 2004.  We also participate in a local group called NEHT, which basically is just an accumulation of mileage at trail rides of varying distances (we usually do 15 - 20 miles @ a ride).  I started doing just training rides and did my first CTR in 2002 with this horse.  We accumulated about 200 miles in CTR before we attemped our first 50 in 2004.  I know this horse can do more than 50 since our first 50 was really more like 62 miles :-).  He now has almost 600 miles between CTR and endurance and my plan to get to our 100 is this year:
Regular trail rides and 1 day CTR's of 25-30 mile distances (many done already)
A couple of 1 day 50's
A couple of 2 day 50's or 60's (already have one)
A 3 day 100 (40/40/20) - This is in October
A 2 day 100 (actually 50/50) - This is in November
If he can do this, then the 100 will be in December.
I've chosen rides that suit this horse (flatter terrain, cooler weather) so that we can be successful at the 100.  I also talked to the ride manager of the 100 I want to do and asked her if it was an "easy" hundred.  Her reply was, "as 100's go, it's easy." 
I've only been doing this since 2001.  But one of our local 100 mile riders was encouraging me from the beginning that I could do a 100.  When I first started, a 50 was a daunting task, let along even being able to grasp the idea of a 50.  After getting some 50's under my belt and them becoming easier to do made me realize that a 100 was doable for me.  That is still yet to be seen :-)
Carolyn Burgess

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