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Re: [RC] Creating New 100 Mile Riders - Teri

Reading all the post, I have read some very good points.  Points that I think were thrown by the wayside because of the heated discussion on End vs. LD's. 
Someone brought up the point of bringing back 100's by AERC giving the ride managers help with their rides.  Then a ride manager pointed out that every time they put on a 100 they loose money.  That is what should be analyzed.  AERC, I believe has a trail fund.  Well, what about AERC coming up with a 100 mile fund.  Help monetary or otherwise for all ride managers to put on a 100 mile ride in conjuction with their 25's & 50's (if their trails permit).  This way 25's and 50' can talk to 100 mile riders and maybe get the adrenaline flowing to do a 100.  More 100 mile rides available might make it easier for people to get to them.  I live in the SE region so rides here are somewhat easy to get to from a distance point.  But we do loose a 100 now and then and those are dwindling.   Provide the rides and they will come (I think I got that one from a movie).
Myself, I am itching to do a 100 mile.  The problem is my new horse is only 4 and my two other mares are retired and are 20.  Slight dilemma but I will be there with my smile across my face and the Aleve in my saddlepack.

[RC] Creating New 100 Mile Riders, rdcarrie