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Re: [RC] Hundred milers - Sheree H

If LDers are paying the same price to ride the rides as the 50's (who are allowed to call themselves endurance riders. But, if I'm correct -50's weren't the original mileage for endurance either but they still call them "Endurance riders.  Did they 100s get so bent out of shape when they started having 50s and calling them "Endurance riders"?  I feel that I am taking care of my horse by continuing to do 25's, he is older and can probably do a 50 just fine- BUT he is 17 and I will not stress him just so I can be called "Endurance Rider",  I am doing the right thing and taking care of my horse and myself.  That is truly what "Endurance" is all about.  I've seen people rush good horses into doing 50's before they are ready-cardiovascularly, muscularly, skeletally and mentally, just because they want to be called "Endurance Riders".  That is sad to see people possibly ruining good horses just so they can brag that they are "Endurance Riders". 
If a person goes to a horse show and jumps 18" or 2' rails, but the show consists of jumps up to 4 feet are those doing the lower jumps not considered jumpers? 

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