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Re: [RC] 100's - Joe Long

On Tue, 8 Aug 2006 15:23:19 -0500, "June Scheunemann & Mike Bernsdorf"
<equineent@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

... So my feeling to get
more folks interested in doing 100's maybe not run them in conjunction with
FEI rides.....I guess the competition is HOT for those who care about it and
a top ten completion is very important to them....... I understand that but,
what makes their ride sooooooo much more important than anyone else's??? and
what makes them such a high caliber of rider than anyone else????

First of all, I don't believe that the FEI riders and horses are of a
higher caliber than anyone else.  The riders tend to have more money
and free time than a lot of us, and they have the desire to compete in
that venue.  And that's fine, it's just one more part of the "big

I've only been to one dual-sanctioned AERC/FEI event in recent years,
and I had a great time.  I didn't feel as though I got a short-shrift
at all riding "AERC only."  The only exception was when I accidently
showed up to vet in during the time reserved for FEI vet-in, and was
told to come back later -- specifically, "We'll vet in the leftovers
after the FEI is done."  I thought that was not the best choice of
words.   ; ^ >

But we have too few 100's already to be splitting these up.  I believe
we should continue to have open AERC rides held together with FEI

Joe Long


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[RC] 100's, June Scheunemann & Mike Bernsdorf