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RE: [RC] [RC] 100's - Jessica Cameron

My first 100 was the Fort Howes 100 which was a demonstration ride for the FEI riders. Was it high caliber? Absolutely! Did I think I would be out of my league? No, because I wasn't riding FEI. The FEI placings are completely different than the AERC, unless of course the FEI riders cross enter, which I think most of them did. I rode my own ride, didn't get caught up in the FEI granduer and we finished our first 100 about 4 1/2-5 hours after the first place horse, but we finished. There were quite a few other people riding where it was their first 100 too, so that is ridiculous that just because it's a dual sanctioned ride, not to go to it. If nothing else, watching how the crews and FEI riders work and their horses work, it's a fantastic learning experience just observing them. I mentally prepared myself for that ride and rode vet check to vet check without getting ahead of myself. My horse pulled me through the last 18 mile loop since I didn't eat enough and was not feeling so hot, and he finished with all A's. The only complaint I might have is that I walked away with the same t-shirt that the people who rode the 25's did, which riding a 25 and a 100 are like comparing apples and oranges. But, it was the accomplishment of finishing and getting that first 100 under our belts that mattered, not the t-shirt.

Basically you just have to go for it and just do it. If you wait for the "perfect 100" to come along, it never will. Eventually those who really want to do a 100 just have to bite the bullet and do it and quite hemming and hawing about it.

Jessica and Cysco Kid in MT (Currently really bummed that all the rides that are anywhere close are getting cancelled due to fire danger)

From: "June Scheunemann & Mike Bernsdorf" <equineent@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: <ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [RC]   100's
Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2006 15:23:19 -0500

Just alittle note from personal experience.....I have done 1 day 100's over
the past 15 years...this year was one year I will never forget; it put a
very bad taste in my mouth for the entire sport. There was a 100 miler in
MIch. it would have been my second ride of this season and my
horse's..however both of us are extremely experienced having done several
100 in 2004 and all 5 days of the Mich Shore to Shore a total of 800 miles
in one season. When some folk in our region heard I was going to take my
boy to the 100 they went out of their way to tell me it was (and I quote)
out of my caliber of ride....that there were going to be high caliber riders
there (it was the Grand Island FEI 100) and that I should reconsider. Now
mind you, I had more than one rider come up and tell me this....I was
soooooooooooo turned off from lack of support and to me it seemed from some
of these riders that even tho' I wasn't riding FEI they did NOT want my
competition..I started asking myself...hum..were they afraid that I would
take a placing from them.??..and not to brag but, my boy and I have turned
in some decent times on the 100's we have completed as well as the mileage
we have completed. Plus, I ride to take care of my horse, he is my
partner....I was only going to ride for myself and the challenge to myself.
Some of you might say that I let others influence me and some of you might
feel the way I do...if this is what our sport is coming to ...I want no
part. I did not go to the ride....for more reasons than just
that...including our personal business venture took off full
steam...however, if anyone else heard these so called successful riders, why
would anyone care to participate in this sport.....folks use to support one
another but, now it seems every man for themselves. So my feeling to get
more folks interested in doing 100's maybe not run them in conjunction with
FEI rides.....I guess the competition is HOT for those who care about it and
a top ten completion is very important to them....... I understand that but,
what makes their ride sooooooo much more important than anyone else's??? and
what makes them such a high caliber of rider than anyone else????


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[RC] 100's, June Scheunemann & Mike Bernsdorf