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Re: [RC] back to Tevis, Char and Gali - Nancy

I was crewing for a group of southern California riders and helped Char and
Gali at the Michigan Bluff check.  Gali was very stiff when I helped cool
and sponge him.  Char looked whipped and had been ill on the trail.  Char
looked worse than Gali.  Gali's owner (Sorry I forgot his name.  He is a
wealth of horse information!) felt we could get Gali's pulse down and walk
out the stiffness, however fate interceded.  Gali nose dived into a bucket
of wet beet pulp and inhaled and coked on some.  He had wet beet pulp coming
out of his nose.  They were pulled at Michigan Bluff.
I found Gali in one of the barns on Sunday and he looked comfortable and
well.  He hammed it up for pictures and showed his true gentleman nature. He
is one special horse.  My prayers are with Char as she was at her father's
funeral on Sunday.
The NATRC gentleman from Missouri on the Fox Trotter stud was a hoot when he
came overtime to Michigan Bluff.  We laid him out on our tarp and gave him a
saddle for a pillow.  He shared his Elk jerky that was out of this world.
You riders in Missouri have a real gem with this guy!
I was so fortunate to crew at Tevis this year.  I learned so much.  I saw
the best and the worst in riders and only the best from the horses.  The
people of Auburn and the small communities that host Tevis are amazing.  The
volunteers were beyond count and always eager to do what ever was needed. I
am not sure I could personally ever attempt Tevis with my old and beat up
body, but I would crew again in a heart beat.
Nancy Reed
Lazy J Ranch
Elfin Forest, CA
Happy to be home and cleaning stalls!

Can anyone tell me what happened to Char Antuzzi and Gali? They got pulled
at Michigan Bluff. She and Jonni had nearly the same times coming into the
checks. She's not a NATRC rider, but I'm wondering if anyone saw them. I
havent heard from her and am worried.


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