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[RC] [RC] Tevis Webcast/Crewing - Lucy Chaplin Trumbull

Karen E. Franklin:
> What a wonderful job you guys did with the webcast for Tevis!

Jackie and crew really did an outstanding job this year
and she maintained remarkable composure given the task she'd
undertaken (and the stuff that was going on in her personal
life during that time).

Having done the Tevis webcast/photos in various forms for the
previous 9 years, I truly understand what a feat she pulled
off by making it so successful and am impressed by how well
it worked out.

> I am now even more hooked into endurance riding and I'd like
> to crew for someone at Tevis next year.  I'm a newbie, but
> I'll be volunteering at local rides...  It's early in the
> game for next year, but if anyone has plans to ride Tevis
> next year and thinks they might need a crew person let me
> know.

Karen - there are several options open to you if you don't find
someone who needs a specific crew.

Keep an eye on the Tevis webpage:


for crew/driver requests (riders from out of town will often
advertise on the bulletin board) or you can write directly to
the Western States Trail Foundation at:


and ask to be put on their volunteer list. Volunteers do a
number of tasks, including in/out timing, handing time cards
to riders, directing riders, vet secretarying, etc... etc. In
addition, there are many checkpoints that because of limited
access don't allow crews and instead rely on a group of
volunteers to help riders out.

If you volunteer at one of these checkpoints (e.g. Red Star,
Last Chance, Deadwood) there, you can expect to spend a good
chunk of the day hanging out at that checkpoint, refilling
riders' water bottles, holding horses, fetching pans of feed/
flakes of hay, directing riders to vets/PnRs/Out timers,
helping take tack off and put it back on, sponging horses
to help them cool, etc.

Another option is to go to Michigan Bluff. This check does
allow crews, but because can be hard to get in and out of
and Foresthill is only an hour further down the trail, riders
often don't have anyone there to help them. In reality, MB
is one of the more critical checks because horses arrive there
hot and tired after climbing out the canyon... the riders don't
always look too hot either <grin>. Anyway, you can go down
there and offer your services to any riders that look like
they could use a hand - often in something as simple as handing
them a cup of cold lemonade.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Lucy Chaplin Trumbull
elsietee AT foothill DOT net
Repotted english person in the Sierra foothills, California
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