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Re: [RC] ridecamp reaction to Truman's comments - Truman Prevatt

rides2far@xxxxxxxx wrote:
Contrary to what some of my detractors what to say - I would like nothing better than see the 100 mile entries grow. Angie's medallions > won't do that


I am curious as to what age you were when you last considered the
possibility that you were the ultimate judge as to what would work and
what won't? You once stated that you never lose an argument. I was
thinking maybe you had never *realized* you'd lost an argument. There's a
Angie - what happens if it doesn't? We don't even know why the declines are happening. Now tell me how is a solution gong to solve a problem unless we understand the cause. We don't have a good ideal why people are not riding 100's today or what would get them to. This is a solution looking for a problem - not a well crafted solution to a problem. If the AERC through analysis of the problem came to the conclusion that medallions were the answer - that would great and I'd be the first person to support them. However, they haven't and all this does is generate a sense of security that they might. By the time find out they won't - we're a lot worse off. I'm not against anything that will work. What I am against is a solution looking for a problem rather than a solution crafted to solve a problem based on understanding why the problem exist.

We need the horse before we hook the cart to it.

As I've said before it is irrelevant if I support medallions or not. What is relevant is how many people start 100's next year and how many 100's are there for people to start - and in the next year and then the next year. If the AERC hooks its cart to medallions to turn around the decline in 100's - the numbers will tell us if they are working or not.



“With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.” Steven Weinberg – Nobel Laureate, Physics


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[RC] ridecamp reaction to Truman's comments, rides2far