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[RC] ridecamp reaction to Truman's comments - rides2far

Contrary to what some of my detractors what to say - I would like 
nothing better than see the 100 mile entries grow. Angie's 
medallions > won't do that


I am curious as to what age you were when you last considered the
possibility that you were the ultimate judge as to what would work and
what won't?  You once stated that you never lose an argument. I was
thinking maybe you had never *realized* you'd lost an argument. There's a

I am one vote. You are one vote. Just because we type too much doesn't
mean our opinion is worth one vote more than the people who are too busy
riding to sit here and type like we're the all knowing endurance riders. 
All I ask is that you stop guiding and get in line. One vote, one rider.
Present a proposal, then sit down. Let the members decide what they want
or at least voice an opinion. Other proposals had been discussed, hashed
out, and people with good ideas had contributed their input as to what
works. You came up with a proposal and boom. It was what we got. 

You say:

When it comes down to it we are a family of distance riders. If we can 
help one another - that is even better.

Sounds great we put something in for riders who are handy to Florida.
What have we done for Kentucky lately? Anybody check into their CT
organization? They have rides at the same venue. What about them?



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