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Re: [RC] ridecamp reaction to Truman's comments - Jody Rogers-Buttram

  There are some of us here in the SE that don't think all 100 milers are working towards FEI.  Me for one, Angie, Marie and others to name a few. True, the 100 mile people here in the SE are a dying breed.  Someday, we will only be seen in a museum.  I would never want to jump thru the FEI hoops.  Some of us like to do 100's, just because they are 100's. So, glad to know that others out there can see this...thanks.  I personally don't plan to join any CT program or group.  Not that I think it is bad or unworthy....it just isn't my style.  But likewise, I don't want to see what we 100 milers do being watered down.  If it isn't 50 miles or more in one day, then it isn't endurance. 
 Truman, just because you wouldn't do a 100 mile ride for a medallion, doesn't mean that some of us wouldn't.  I don't think it is a bad idea.  At least it would be ALL endurance.
Jody and Joni (she wanted me to be sure and include her...she has done 5 100's now...including the OD)

Cindy Collins <ccollins@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
There's a part of me that feels sorry for you, Truman, seriously. You
really don't get it and don't mean to get everyone cranked up (I hope)! I
have to tell you that I agree 100% with Kim, Angie, and Kat. My initial
reaction to your comments was fury that anyone would think that FEI is my
goal because I happen to love one day 100s. I hate the whole FEI movement
and what I feel it's done to the AERC and endurance riding. I am NOT
alone. I, too, have talked with people who were big into that whole scene
and have walked away from it in disgust...It's not what we were founded
on. And, if your critics are correct and SEDRA has an award called a "100
mile horse award" and gives it to a horse who has never done a one day 100
miler...that really upsets me. It's bad enough to have people running
around saying they are endurance riders or advertising their horses as
endurance horses when they've done a couple of LD rides! Cindy


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[RC] ridecamp reaction to Truman's comments, Cindy Collins