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[RC] Regional 100 mile incentive programs - rides2far

Actually Angie you have attended quite a few SEDRA sanctioned rides. 
Yellow Hammer, all the FL endurance rides, Million Pines, River Run, 
Liberty Run. I believe that Biltmore has agreed to pick up SEDRA 
sanctioning next year.

I haven't done Yellow Hammer, or a Florida ride. I can see how Million
PInes, River Run & Liberty might sanction since they are very close to
Florida and the SEDRA members. Why we should expect Kentucky  or
Tennessee to sanction all rides with SEDRA is beyond me. 

The reason SERA and SEDRA joined together is quite simple -

Ridecamp might not be the best place to discuss this but since it wasn't
discussed anywhere else before being implemented, I guess this is the
only place I know to react.  I personally see no reason whatsoever to tie
one organization's award to another requiring duel membership for all
parties. I'd be interested in knowing how many have signed up. It might
be handy for say...the Central Region to compare the results from this
program as compared to the PS program in case they decide to come up with
one of their own to fill the void for 100 mile incentives. (thus it's a
valid RC topic)

The > three day 100 mile CTR has suffered the same as the one day 100
endurance ride. The thrust of the program is to get people on their 
horses riding longer distances. 

So the answer is to call something other than a one day 100 a 100? If you
can't get them to do the definition of a 100, just redefine it? 

Even the Pioneer rides are not doing > all 
that well if you look at the number of riders that are actually 
there to > ride all days. 

I believe the "Pioneer" rides were  over historic trails. Our Multi-Day
rides could be called "Gas Saver Rides". The people I know are doing them
simply because it's more economical what with the gas prices & all. They
aren't going because they want to do a lot of miles on one horse...and as
everyone pointed out today, points wise, there's no advantage to a 2 day
100 so why risk giving up your first day completion?

We are facing the same problem. We share many of the 
same > riders - most of the FL riders ride both CTR and endurance along

with a > lot of other folks.

Yes, FLORIDA riders do. I honestly don't know of many farther north who
do, thus tying our entire 100 mile program to a CT organization dealing
primarily with Florida or areas very close to Florida seems a little
narrow. If SEDRA were called FDRA would it make a difference in how it
sounds? Why should my daughter (a prospective 100 miler we hope) who has
no intention of doing CT join SEDRA? How is it different than SERA?
Aren't we getting a little overwhelmed with overlapping memberships here?

It is hopped that by doing so it will bring new riders in to feed 
both > the 100 mile endurance ride and the 3 day 100 CTR.

Why should they do a 1 day 100? It's not required. You made the very
thing we're hoping most to encourage optional. Someone can lead their
horse around with a blanket that says "SERA/SEDRA 100 mile Award" when
they have never done a one day 100.

It all about > working 
together for a common goal. It is targeted to new riders to give 
them > incentive to get out of a rut.

Then check your incentive program. It's a heck of a lot easier to win top
10 LD awards with no nomination fees, no duel memberships, no worries as
to whether the management duel sanctions (triple actually counting AERC).
If you expect someone to follow the path of least resistance, you're
still pushing them towards easier goals. You're telling us, "Sure, you
can get a 100 mile award, but *you* have to jump through all these hoops
first...or you can just attend rides and the LD or 50 mile awards will
take care of themselves"

It took a long time for the decline 
in > the 100's - it will probably take an equally long time to turn the

decline around. This is an attempt in that direction.

How many people put their heads together to come up with this program and
were any trial balloons sent up to see how many (outside the FLA area)
were interested in it?

It's not targeted to veteran riders like yourself. That is what the 
100 > mile club is for. The SERA 100 mile club has not changed.

That's a shame too. I'd love to have a group discussion amongst 100 mile
competitors to see what sort of program we would like. I don't think this
one would be it.



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