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Re: [RC] Appeal of Horse Restrictions to Designated Trails in Southern NF - Jo Ann Knight

What is sad is that some are trying to make it look like horses do such
damage compared to people, and yet the horse is loosing numbers, if I recall
correctly, and can't be as big a problem as people and motorized
recreational contraptions, and I am using the word I want to use here!

In one of our parks near me here in California, they "improed the trail". 
Now these are multi use trails for people and horses and bicyclist (bicycles
are ok).  Horse and rider are to step to side of trail to allow foot traffic
and bicycles to go by.  That is well and fine.  The previous trails in most
areas were nice and wide or the footing off trail was safe.  Now comes the
improved trail folks, whoopie, better footing for the foot traffic, narrower
trail so you don't get lost right.  It used to be possible to pass each
other without anyone getting off the trail, in some areas.  Not now.  Much
of the area off trail appears to be just soil, wrong!  IT is rocks fist
sized rocks, or bigger, piled along each side of trail then covered with
dirt.  My companion and I were riding our horses there for the first time
since the improvement (this was back in 1997 or 98, and we walked our horses
right into this soft dirt coverd layer of rocks and it was not good footing
at all and it was a couple feet wide on either side I think.  Wide enough
that you can't just step over it to get to the real firm safe footing!

Well, the point is, it seems some Parks and Recreation people all over this
nation want to do away with allowing horsemen to go anywhere in them thar

Jo Ann

-------Original Message------- 

From: Jim Holland 
Subject: [RC] Appeal of Horse Restrictions to Designated Trails in Southern

On April 29th, 2004 the Back Country Horsemen of East Tennessee and Back 
Country Horsemen of America filed an appeal of the Forest Service Plans for the 
Cherokee National Forest in Tennessee and the Chattahoochee and Oconee National 
Forests in Georgia... 


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[RC] Appeal of Horse Restrictions to Designated Trails in Southern NF, Jim Holland