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[RC] USA team in Aachen - Steph Teeter

Update from Dinah Rojek -


(http://www.endurance.net/2006wec for full WEC coverage)

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From: dinah@xxxxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:dinah@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Sunday, August 06, 2006 5:04 AM
To: steph@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: US team in Aachen

Dear Steph,
The horses arrived uninjured to Aachen. In attendance are, in no order,
Val and Larry Kanavy, veterinarians: Tom Timmons and Flavia ,
farrier: Mustafa chiropractor: Jim (arrived yesterday), and a host of
local help, who are currently guiding the horses on the red loop from
the backs of bicycles.
People who came with the horses are Jen Niehaus and Ruth Waltenspiel,
Michelle Mattingley and
Grace Ramsey, Meg Sleeper and Dave Augustine, Christoph Schork and Diane
Woodward, Kathy and Stanley
Downs, and Steve Rojek and me.
The Eastern shipment of horses was delayed a couple of hours and I was
thinking, standing in the customs line, that it didin't matter that
much, because we were going to wait for the Western shipment before
trucking to Aachen. Then I saw Tom, Christoph, Jen, Ruth and Diane in
the next line!
It worked perfectly.
The truck was massive, designed for the huge Dressage horses, so even
though we were stuck in animal import bureaucrasy for a few hours, they
were cool and had wiggle room. Steve and I went with the truck and
everyone else went to the hotel and the the barn. We felt lucky because
there was a bench behind the driver, and we both got a little nap on
the way to Aachen. It was a smooth 4 hour four lane trip with
windmills, horses, cows and a whole bunch of cars we never see in the
The stable graceful, loaded with 100 Dressage horses and jumpers. Our
guys would look like minis, but there are also a ton of little kids
with truly tiny ponies.
There is good turnout with grass and feed and the horse care from staff
has been superb. For bonus entertainment, here are always a couple of
decent riders working on their Dressage in the indoor.
The bicycle path is the shortest way to the barn, and I rode my Segway
while Dave biked back to the hotel to catch up on email. Cool!!! We go
by sleepy holsteins, through pine forests and up and down short
vertical hills to little one person wide bridges. The people are
bending over backwards to be kind to us at the hotel and at the stable.
The weather is even kind, it is cool and overcast, quite a relief from
NYC 104!
Right now the horses are preriding the red loop, guided by locals on
bicycles. I better Segway back to the barn.I will try to send some
pictures soon.



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